Extended Car Warranty: Top 5 Benefits

Most car dealerships are willing to sell you an extended car warranty with the purchase of your new vehicle. Many people consider it useless assuming that it may not be utilized and their money will get wasted. However, this logic is flawed. Having an extended car warranty can be highly beneficial due to the benefits it brings to the table. The purpose of an extended car warranty is not just recovering the amount paid for it, but it also serves as a protection and give peace of mind to a car owner in case things go south. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to have an extended car warranty for your vehicle. Let us briefly discuss 5 key benefits of extended car warranties.


extended car warranty

1.   The greater value of your car

Most people are skeptical when purchasing a used car, mainly due to the fact that they do not know how the car was maintained by the owner. A vehicle that is under extended warranty provides some assurance to the potential buyer as it gives an impression that the car has been undergone regular maintenance and preserved in a good working condition.

An extended car warranty may require regular oil changes and frequent maintenance requirements in order to keep the warranty valid, which means that all issues are fixed on a timely basis. This reduces the likelihood of major damages to the car. Therefore, most buyers and dealerships are willing to pay the extra amount for this assurance. Furthermore, some extended protection plans are also transferable, making it a great selling point for your vehicle.


2.   Longer duration of Ownership

According to consumer reports, an average age of a car is around 11 years. Automobiles are built to last for a longer duration, due to the improvement in design and technology. A majority of manufacturer warranties only cover around 100.000 miles, leaving you vulnerable after it is achieved. Moreover, major repairs usually occur after the first few years of using your vehicle. An extended warranty can give protection from this cost, giving a layer of safety to your hard earned cash if you are looking to keep a vehicle for a longer duration.


3.   Protection of Budget

Vehicles, no matter how well maintained, are prone to break down and damage. A factory warranty only goes so far and it may not cover various types of expense. An extended warranty, on the other hand, provides comprehensive coverage for your vehicle for a longer duration. This will allow you to keep a set amount for your car maintenance every month and any unforeseeable incident will not cause you to exceed your budget.


4.   Reduced Stress

Car breakdowns can be extremely stressful and can cause people to panic. Apart from financial constraints, one must find someone to tow their car to the workshop, get a quote for the repairs, and keep engaged during this process. It all requires time and money.

Most people live a busy lifestyle nowadays and it can be very demanding for them to deal with these issues. An extended car warranty coverage eliminates these problems, as all you have to do is dial a toll-free number and your warranty provider will take care of the aforementioned process. From handling bills to towing your car, everything will be carried out by the insurance provider, giving you peace of mind.


5.   Higher customer satisfaction

Extended warranty provides a comprehensive ownership experience of your car. From car breakdown to simple oil change, keeping your car in your manufacturer’s ecosystem result in a great relationship with your dealer. This can be particularly useful when you want to trade your car. Moreover, familiarity with a dealer will also result in improved customer service and support.

Regular maintenance and proper care of your vehicle are necessary to ensure that your car works effectively and smoothly. Moreover, it can also save you from expensive repairs, which mostly occur from inadequate upkeep of your vehicle. Therefore, extended warranties are imperative to make sure that your car expenses are covered. In most cases, the benefits of having extended warranty overweigh its cost.


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