5 Great Accessories for Your Mazda


Looking for some extra accessories to take your Mazda to the next level? You can find a number of convenient accessories designed for your model at our dealership. We offer all the Mazda essentials, including a comprehensive range of accessories that are perfectly suited for your Mazda vehicle, our Canadian weather, and your particular style. Learn more about these great accessories for your Mazda below.

Mobile Start

Do you want to enhance your driving experience? Mobile Start will let you control your Mazda vehicle right from your smartphone. Start up the engine from inside to warm up your vehicle, unlock the doors, and even find where you parked – how’s that for convenient? 

Remote Start Key Fob

If your new Mazda doesn’t already come with the remote Start FOB, don’t stress, you can still add one as an accessory. With this cool feature you can start your car and unlock/ lock the doors from up to 300 feet away right from the remote FOB. 

Block Heater

Freezing cold Canadian weather can put stress on your engine, battery and starter, causing it to wear out faster. To keep your engine protected and reduce the risk of battery failure, Mazda offers a block heater designed to warm the engine and oil. Simply plug your vehicle in right at the grille to help protect the engine when the temperature drops in the winter. 

Floor Liners and All-Weather Mats

Tired of all the muck and mud building up on your vehicle floor? Keep your car clean year-round with Mazda’s attractive line of heavy-duty floor liners and all-weather mats. These durable, flexible mats will trap all the debris and snow and protect your flooring.

Cargo Trays, Totes, and Nets

You can also protect your trunk from any dirt and spills that can occur when transporting items. Mazda’s handy cargo tray offers a flexible, durable protective layer for your trunk. The foldable, removable Cargo tote is the perfect way to store all of your supplies that could otherwise shift around in the back, damaging the interior. You can even add more protection with Mazda’s cargo net which keeps loose items safely secured.

Best of all, these essential accessories are covered under the Mazda Warranty. To learn more about all the great accessories for your Mazda, contact us today at Kanata Mazda.