5 Reasons for Frequent Oil Changes

Changing the oil in your vehicle should be a routine part of its maintenance to keep it operating without any hiccups. It plays a major role in keeping everything lubricated and running smoothly and safely. To learn more about this, here are the main reasons for frequent oil changes and why it’s important.

It Helps Your Engine Perform Better

Your vehicle’s engine has a lot of moving parts that allow the car to operate properly. As these parts move, they cause friction and generate heat. Frequent oil changes help to maintain lubrication and keep the components cool. It also eliminates any accumulated gunk, dirt and debris that can slow down the engine and impact its performance. Overall, it’s a simple way to help your engine stay healthy.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly

Old, dirty oil that’s left for a long time in the engine will not only impact how the vehicle functions over time, but it will emit noxious emissions into the environment as well. An easy way to make your vehicle a bit more eco-conscious is by changing the oil on a regular basis. New oil won’t burn and produce toxic emissions like old oil will. 

Get Better Gas Mileage

Want to get better gas mileage? You won’t have to fill up at the pump as often when you get your oil changed frequently. New oil reduces the amount of friction caused in the engine, which helps you save on gas and drive further before having to fill up again. 

Extends Life of Engine and Car

If you take good care of your engine, it will take good care of you. Keeping it clean and clear of debris will help the engine last much longer.

Maintain Resale Value

If you ever plan to sell your vehicle, taking good care of your engine will benefit you in the long run when you want to upgrade and trade it in. 

When to Get Your Oil Changed?

Now that you know the reasons for frequent oil changes, you’re probably wondering how often to get it changed. This will depend on different factors like your vehicle model, its conditions and your driving habits. Check your owner’s manual to see what they outline for your specific vehicle. The general rule of thumb is to change it at least every 8,000 kilometres.  

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