5 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Car

Staying safe while out on the road is a top priority for every driver. But over time, as our vehicles age, we might not notice the red flags that are telling us it’s time to trade in the old clunker for something newer and safer. If you’re unsure whether it’s time, here are some typical signs that it’s time to buy a new car instead of funnelling money into your current one.

It’s Costing a Small Fortune in Repairs

The older the vehicle is, the more likely you’ll need to keep pouring money into it. If you’re spending too much time, energy and money keeping your vehicle operating, it might be time to ask yourself whether it’s really worth it, or if it makes more sense to upgrade.

The Interior Is Crumbling

Is your vehicle comfortable to get into? Is the upholstery stained, shredded and looking downright rough? Do you feel embarrassed when colleagues, friends or family ask for a ride? Feeling ashamed of the car you’re driving is a clear indication that it’s time to start looking for a new one.

It’s Unsafe and Aggravating to Drive

Constant breakdowns, a faulty engine, and strange noises can create unsafe driving conditions. But when you’ve been driving your vehicle for such a long period of time, you can become desensitized to many of these warning signs. However, friends and family can be helpful indicators when you’re not sure. When they’re looking for reasons to avoid getting a lift in your car or if they’re telling you it’s time to trade in your old beater for something new, it’s time to listen. 

Your Lifestyle Needs Have Changed

As we get older, our lifestyles typically begin to change in some way or another. Whether you’ve taken a new job that requires a longer commute, are starting a family or need more cargo space for the kids, your current vehicle might not fit with your evolving lifestyle. This is a common reason why many drivers make the move to upgrade.

You’re Spending Too Much on Gas

Older vehicles are gas guzzlers compared to newer, energy-efficient models today. If you have to make long commutes for work and are blowing through money on gas, a new car could be a better option, giving you better fuel economy, which can save you more in the long run.

If you think it’s finally time to get rid of your old vehicle, come and take a look at our newest lineup at Kanata Mazda today!