6 Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Mazda

6 Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Mazda

If you’re in the market for a new-to-you vehicle, there’s nothing quite like the nimbleness, fun, and comfort of a pre-owned Mazda. Not only does such an investment deliver incredible value when shopping through a trusted and certified dealer like Kanata Mazda, but you’ll enjoy a wide range of premium features and technological innovations even on models that are a few years old, not to mention best-in-class maintenance and parts servicing.

Today, let’s explore the key advantages of buying a pre-owned Mazda in more detail, exploring everything from the brand’s heritage to the continual refinements made to beloved models over the years.

A Respected, Reliable Brand

Since the creation of Mazda after the events of World War II, Mazda has been a mainstay for excellence and dependability. A continued commitment to sensible innovation, quality, and a deeply rewarding driver experience propelled the brand further, positioning it as one that is trustworthy and built around the needs of drivers and passengers alike. Comprising of thousands of brilliant engineers, designers, certified dealers and many others, Mazda is a vehicle brand relied on continually by many satisfied customers around the world. In buying a pre-owned Mazda, you benefit from this same ideal driver experience.

Dependable Vehicles that Depreciate Less in Value

From the Mazda3 sport hatchback and Mazda6 sedan to the MX-5 and more, these are vehicles known to retain more of their resale value – and performance – for years to come compared to some by other brands. This is made possible by a focus on highly dependable parts and components that promote longevity. Buying pre-owned affords cost savings without giving up the reliability that Mazdas are known for, so it’s a win-win way to get into a vehicle you’ll enjoy for many years.

Iconic Kodo Design

A pre-owned car doesn’t look or feel like an outdated one when you opt for a Mazda. Aesthetically inside and out, these vehicles have been completely overhauled with the Kodo design language, a refinement first introduced in 2010 that has become a mainstay of the brand. The ultimate athletic space focus of this design typology combines ergonomics with storage convenience, making many Mazda models ideal for long-haul trips and outdoor adventures as a group. Other perks of the Kodo approach include optimized cabin aesthetics and acoustics complete with premium-grade upholstery and audio options, a suite of state-of-the-art onboard driver assistance technologies refined for ease of access and use, and much more.

Plenty of Innovation, Even on Older Models

Mazdas, even models from a few years ago, are designed to ensure a smooth, vibration-free ride and optimal handling even in rougher conditions. And, while there have been considerable performance and technological upgrades in recent years, you shouldn’t dismiss a 2018 or 2016 pre-owned Mazda, as even models of these and slightly older years utilize a wide array of driver assistance solutions. Backup cameras, infotainment systems with built-in Bluetooth, and active driving alerts are just some examples of what you might find on a particular model that interests you. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the aforementioned Kodo streamlined interior and exterior design language, ensuring plenty of comfort, performance efficiency, and fun when behind the wheel.

Reduced Insurance Costs When Buying a Pre-Owned Mazda

When buying a pre-owned Mazda, there certainly are upfront savings to be had. But did you know that, due to the reduced cost and value of the vehicle in question, you can also save on insurance? The reduction will vary depending on a variety of factors including the make, model, and year of the vehicle and its condition. This is often a sufficient incentive for drivers to upgrade from an older or alternative vehicle with higher insurance costs.

Best-in-Class Customer Support and Mazda Servicing in Ottawa

Getting your pre-owned Mazda inspected and maintained by certified, experienced, and friendly servicing professionals makes for an easy drive every time. Our team at Kanata Mazda makes use of not only authorized diagnostic equipment and techniques, but our Mazda repairs in Ottawa are a go-to option for many local drivers and are widely trusted.

We proudly offer a wide array of service options including a dedicated body shop that’s part of the CARSTAR network, quick and efficient repairs using original Mazda parts and accessories, a complimentary power wash with each visit, and more. We have seven service bays ready to serve you, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and we frequently offer service promotions to help you save further.

All in all, if you’re considering a pre-owned Mazda in Ottawa or the surrounding area, we’re happy to help you find the right balance of performance, comfort, and must-have features for your budget! Kanata Mazda offers a wide array of beautiful and well-maintained models ready for the road. Appraise your old vehicle’s trade-in value today or get in touch with us for further assistance.