8 Road Trip Essentials to Pack in Your Mazda

8 Road Trip Essentials to Pack in Your Mazda

Summer is road tripping season! If you have plans to head out on a few adventures this year, here is a list of road trip essentials to pack in your Mazda to keep you and your vehicle running smoothly and safely.


Always double-check to make sure you have important documents on hand, including your license and registration, a copy of your insurance, your car’s manual, and any relevant contact numbers.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Accidents can take you off guard at any time. That’s why every driver should have a roadside emergency kit in the vehicle at all times. It should contain essentials like battery booster cables, a reflective vest and warning triangles, whistle, tire pressure gauge, light sticks and a flashlight, a blanket, and some snacks and extra water in case you get stuck. Also, don’t forget to check your spare tire to ensure it’s there and properly inflated in case you need to use it.

First Aid Kit

In addition to your roadside emergency kit, a First Aid kit is another essential thing to pack in your car. It should have some basic supplies like Band-Aids, antiseptic, bandages and safety pins.

A Map

Even though we mostly rely on smart tech to lead the way these days, you never know when you might not have a viable place to charge your phone or proper service. In any case, it’s helpful to have an actual map tucked in your vehicle in the event that you don’t have access to your phone or GPS.


The glare from the sun can create dangerous driving conditions when it impairs your vision. Having a few good pairs of sunglasses in your car can keep your eyes focused and shielded from the sunny glare when needed.

Car Chargers

If you plan on bringing along your tech gadgets, don’t forget to pack all of the necessary adapters so you can easily charge them on the go.

Garbage Bags

It may seem strange to add this to your packing list, but extra garbage bags always come in handy when you’re out camping, on a hike, need to store garbage in your car or just need somewhere to store wet clothes.

Car Games and Playlist

Of course, every good road trip needs games and an epic playlist to keep you entertained. Download your playlists, bring a set of cards, pack your Mad Libs or check out free printable games that will keep you entertained throughout the trip.

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