Gearing up Your Mazda for the Summer

The summer heat can be tough on your vehicle, causing it to work even harder just to operate. So before the temperature starts to rise, gear up your Mazda for the summer so it can take on the extreme heat when you’re venturing out on the road. Here are some important tips to remember to keep it running smoothly.

Switch Out Your Winter Tires

An obvious one, but an important one, is to switch out your winter tires for your all-seasons. Winter tires are made with a different type of rubber that’s typically softer than all-season tires. This rubber doesn’t fare well in the heat and will wear down much faster. So make sure to get your mechanic to make the swap.

Check the Brakes

It’s always good practice to have your brakes checked around the beginning of the summer season. After the rough winter months, it can easily end up leaving some damage behind, so it’s better to be safe and ask the mechanic to check them when swapping out the tires.

Top Up Coolant and Keep in Your Car

The coolant is essential during the summer. It prevents the radiator from overheating and breaking down. Check the coolant level regularly and keep an eye out for any signs of leaks. We also recommend storing extra coolant in your vehicle in case your engine starts to overheat.

Get the Oil Changed and Other Fluids Checked

Aside from topping up fluid levels, they should be completely changed out once in a while to keep your vehicle running optimally. This is something your mechanic can do for you as well. 

Wash the Vehicle

After the winter, there’s usually lots of lingering residue from the salt, dirt and snow. If these are left on your vehicle, they can eventually begin to corrode and rust the body of the car. This can lead to serious damage over time. To prevent this, give your vehicle a thorough wash after each winter and make sure to give it a cleaning once a month, at least.

Book a Pre-Summer Maintenance Check

The summer is a busy time of year for venturing out on the road. So make sure you book in your pre-summer maintenance check so you can get it serviced and ready to enjoy the summer to the max while staying safe. 

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