How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

How to Clean Your Car's Interior

If it’s been a while since you last cleaned the inside of your car, it might feel a bit terrifying when you need to reach down between the crevices to pick up something you dropped. As an essential part of our everyday lives, dirt and other debris can quickly accumulate in the car, leaving the interior looking and feeling downright gross. Make your driving time more enjoyable while also preserving the condition of your vehicle with our tips below on how to clean your car’s interior.

Cleaning the Seats and Carpet

The seats and carpet can harbor the most amount of dirt and smells. To tackle this, start by vacuuming the upholstery. Make sure you’re using a vacuum that has enough suction to do a thorough job and use the bristle vacuum head to remove dirt from the crevices as you go. If your seats have stains on them, use a steam cleaner or a little soap and water to clean them. Just make sure to avoid soaking the seats as this can lead to mold and musty odors. For those with a leather interior, use a soft soapy cloth to wipe away dirt, followed by a designated leather conditioner to prevent cracks.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Don’t forget to use the vacuum along the hard surfaces too. This will make it easier to remove dirt, dust, and crumbs in the cup holders, console, and dashboard. Use a damp cloth with soap to wipe the surfaces after vacuuming. Cleaning solutions with 70 % alcohol are safe to use on most hard surfaces within the vehicle, too, if you want to disinfect.

Cleaning the Touchscreens

To remove any fingerprints and grime from the touchscreens, use a soft cloth, dampen it with isopropyl alcohol, and carefully wipe the screen. Always avoid using window cleaner or any ammonia-based cleaner on touchscreens.

Cleaning the Windshield

To get your windshield shining and streak-free, grab two soft cloths and use one to apply a glass cleaner. Then follow up by wiping away any residue with the other. Just remember to be careful when using the cleaning spray. Avoid getting it on any hard surfaces or screens and avoid using a paper towel as it can leave lint behind on the glass.

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