Mazda Car Lease Ottawa

Owning a car is an adventure, and nothing screams adventure quite like driving off the lot in a beautiful new Mazda! At Kanata Mazda, we pride ourselves on offering competitive, value-centric leasing rates on brand-new models. Think of it as renting a reliable, well-built and high-performing vehicle that you can count on, with fixed-term payments. Once that period of time has passed, we’ll give you the opportunity to either return your Mazda, purchase it outright, or even trade it in towards a brand-new model.

A red Mazda CX-5 driving on a winding mountain road

Why Lease?

Leasing is one of the most cost-effective ways of bringing home a new or used vehicle that is an improvement over your current one, especially in terms of dependability. It’s also a great option for first-time car buyers on a budget. Another significant benefit is that the value of your leased Mazda won’t decrease – in other words, you only pay for the amount of time the vehicle is yours, which makes expenses all the more affordable. With no long-term commitment in addition to lower-than-ever down-payments, there’s never been a better time to lease a new Mazda.

A red Mazda CX-5 opening its hatchback trunk

Reliable, High-Performing Vehicles

Mazda is a brand synonymous with quality and reliability. Our ever-changing stock at Kanata Mazda is built to last and handle the Canadian climate with ease. Whether leasing or owning, this means less stress over maintenance, repairs and upkeep. Their dependability makes any Mazda a safe investment, it’s true, but when leasing, it means you can take advantage of enjoying a smoother, more comfortable ride at the lowest possible rates.

Kanata Mazda CX-5 Infotainment

We’re All About Providing Options

Kanata Mazda is proud to offer flexible lease terms for your convenience. Whether you’re interested in a 36, 42, 48, 54 and 60-month payment plan or otherwise, we’ll be glad to accommodate for your needs and budgetary constraints. Along with industry-leading warranty coverage and our onsite CARSTAR services, we can help you protect your investment and experience the zoom-zoom life with peace of mind.

All in all, if you’re looking to lease the Mazda of your dreams, our friendly and professional team at Kanata Mazda has you covered. With renowned service quality, a commitment to customer satisfaction and a shared passion for this much-respected automotive brand, we’re excited to help you get behind the wheel of a new or used vehicle at a price that works for you. Learn more about our leasing options by contacting us, applying online or stopping in for a visit today!