Mazda SUV Guide: Which Mazda SUV Will You Choose?


If you go outside at this very moment, chances of you seeing a Mazda pass by are almost guaranteed.

Mazda has come a long way from its humble beginnings, quickly becoming one of the most beloved brands here in Canada. Everyone from parents to teenagers can be seen driving a Mazda which shows just how versatile and reliable they truly are!

Now if you have made it over to this blog, then it’s safe to assume you are actively researching SUVs, especially Mazda SUVs. Well here at Kanata Mazda, we wanted to make your life easier, so we have gone ahead and given you all the insights you may need!


This is Mazda’s newest addition to the SUV collection. This vehicle offers a plethora of different trim levels allowing a wider range of consumers to be able to enjoy this car, however, Mazda has still stood by its roots and made the price of every CX-50 trim very reasonable compared to other cars sharing this market.

All models have been equipped with a 2.5 litre V4. All models share 6-speed automatic  i-Activ AWD which allows this car to follow the company tradition of being “fun-to-drive” cars. In terms of fuel efficiency, the CX-50 offers approximately 8.9L/100 KM.

One of the most standout features of this car is the difference in ride quality compared to other Mazda models. Built for off-roading, the CX-50 feels more rugged on city roads, however, this does not make the ride uncomfortable by any means. 

Overall the CX-50 is a great purchase for those looking to buy an affordable SUV that does not skip any steps in terms of the aesthetics, drive quality and efficiency. 



The CX-5 has become a favourite amongst riders due to it’s combination of size and drive quality. This popular model now comes standards with i-Activ AWD system which allows the driver to have full control on a wide variety of terrains. In fact, despite its large size, the CX-5 often feels like you’re driving a hot hatch due to its accurate steering allowing you to make quick maneuvers with ease.

Drivers will also benefit from the ample amount of cargo space the CX-5 has available. The CX-5 has a large trunk allowing you to fit large items in the back with the option of folding down the backseats for additional space. This car also comes with extra space underneath which is perfect for those looking to store smaller items for those long road trips!

Overall, the CX-5 has been a favourite amongst Canadians due to it’s great fuel efficiency, reliability and practicality. This vehicle is perfect for anyone looking to get an SUV but still be able to enjoy the “fun” of a hot hatch!


For those people who often have a car full of people and require extra space to be able to fit everyone, the CX-9 is the perfect solution. Mazda CX-9 is a large SUV which has a third row of seating allowing for 7 people to sit comfortably. 

Despite its size, the CX-9 has a powerful turbocharged V4 engine which gives this car a surprising amount of torque when accelerating. The V4 engine also allows this SUV to be more fuel efficient than its V6 competitors. Unlike other SUV’s in the market, this car has crisp steering allowing you to feel the road as you drive and make those sharp turns that other SUVs simply can’t.

If you are looking for a car that has the driving capabilities of a Miata but also has an abundance of cargo space, then the CX-9 is a great fit!


If you are in the market for an SUV that is the whole package, then you can’t go wrong with any of the models mentioned above! Mazdas have a great reputation for their reliability and low cost of maintenance, so don’t hesitate and contact us today!