Own Every Road with a Mazda SUV

There’s no doubt that a powerful, sporty car is a lot of fun to drive in the summer. But during the harsh winter months it will likely leave you stranded and spinning on an ice and snow covered road. When looking for a new vehicle that can handle whatever winter weather Mother Nature throws your way you might think a big 4×4 truck is the only guaranteed safe option. Well, that’s not always a practical or possible choice. Trucks take up quite a bit of space, can be hard on fuel and don’t offer as much seating at you may need. With that in mind, you’re likely going to look at small to mid-size SUVs and any Mazda SUV is capable of tackling any winter road with confidence.

Winter Vehicle Must Haves

Winter driving offers a bunch of challenges for at least four months of the year so it’s important that whatever vehicle you choose has:

Ground Clearance

You want your vehicle to be high enough off the ground to be able to get through deep snow. Sitting up higher also allows you to have better visibility and control.

All Wheel Drive

Most SUVs come equipped with AWD and will help you avoid getting stuck in the snow. However, AWD doesn’t mean you can drive like it’s summer and the roads are bare. You should invest in good snow tires to help with traction and remember to drive with caution.

High Safety Rating

Dangerous road and weather conditions in the winter make the odds of being involved in a collision much higher. You’ll want to make sure the vehicle you choose has a high safety rating to protect you and your loved ones when travelling. All of the new Mazda SUVs were rated as an IIHS Top Safety Pick.

Which Mazda SUV is the Best for Winter?

It honestly all depends on what you need. The Mazda CX-3, a subcompact crossover SUV, is a good choice for someone who doesn’t need a ton of room for seating. The smaller size makes it agile and easy to handle. The Mazda CX-5, a compact crossover SUV, still seats the same amount of people as the CX-3 but offers a lot more elbow room. This mid-size SUV also weighs more to give you better stability and traction, plus it has more ground clearance than the CX-3. If you have a small family and need the added space a CX-5 is the way to go. The Mazda CX-9, a mid-size crossover SUV, is what every big family needs. With enough seating for 7 passengers plus the power to get through any road conditions, the Mazda CX-9 is a safe and reliable family choice. There is a Mazda SUV for everyone and all can stand up to the task of winter driving.

Trying to decide which SUV will be the best family vehicle, no matter what the weather, can seem like an overwhelming process. There are so many choices and new models are released all the time. All the new Mazda SUVs are equipped with the latest tech and safety features to keep your family safe no matter what the driving conditions are.

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