Sedan vs. SUV: Which is for You?

Are you looking for a new vehicle but can’t decide whether a sedan or SUV is the best choice for you? Here are a few of the benefits for both to help you determine the right fit for your needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of an SUV

They’re Spacious

One of the biggest perks of an SUV is the amount of space they offer. If you have a family, ageing parents or if you just enjoy having the extra room to fit whatever you need, then an SUV might be a good choice for you. You’ll be able to fit all sorts of sporting or recreational gear, as well as passengers with ease, and they’ll be able to stretch out their legs in comfort without feeling cramped inside. 

More Visibility

If you prefer to be placed higher up when you’re driving, opt for an SUV. Since they are designed to be higher from the ground, they give drivers a better driving position and a greater vantage point, improving visibility while driving. 

Better for Extreme Weather

SUVs are better equipped to handle severe weather and messy road conditions thanks to the added height and all-wheel drive that typically comes standard. These make it more capable and convenient if you live somewhere that experiences extreme weather conditions and a long, harsh winter season like here in Canada.

Benefits of Sedans

Better Fuel Economy

If you’re looking for a vehicle with better fuel economy, a sedan will help you save more at the pump. These vehicles are renowned for their fuel efficiency, especially when it comes to newer models today. A majority of sedans include a four-cylinder engine, which is more efficient than the 6 or 8 cylinders that are common in SUVs.  

Better on Your Budget

Sedans are usually less expensive than SUVs, which makes them ideal for those with a tighter budget. Even if your budget isn’t much of a concern, you can put those extra dollars into a higher trim model.

Easier to Drive

Even though sedans don’t provide the added height of SUVs, this makes them easier to drive. Being lower to the ground makes it easier and safer when navigating around sharp corners safely. 

When you’re ready to explore your options in-depth, book an appointment at Kanata Mazda. We have a full lineup of Mazda vehicles available for you to browse, and we will take the time to help you determine all of your wants and needs so you can find the right one for you.