The Impact of the Summer Heat on Your Vehicle

Wondering what the impact of the summer heat on your vehicle is really like? Read on to learn more about what you can expect and how to safeguard your vehicle during those hot and humid days.


The summer heat can be particularly harsh on the tires since it can cause the air pressure to fluctuate. This can make them overinflate. That’s why we recommend checking your tires regularly to monitor the pressure. You can ask your mechanic to check them, or you can do it yourself by using a tire gauge. To make sure your tires are at the recommended PSI level, check your car door for a sticker or look in your car owner’s manual to see what they outline. Generally, for smaller vehicles, you should aim for 30 and 40 PSI. For bigger vehicles, it’s typically 40-45 PSI. Just make sure that every tire is inflated to the same level. Checking your tires on a regular basis, once per month, is a simple way to stay safe when driving in the summer.


The battery is also susceptible to damage during the hot summer season. When the heat combines with the vibrations of the vehicle, it can make the battery malfunction. To prevent this, try to reduce any excessive vibrations. You can do this by double-checking that the battery is securely in place and won’t move around. The battery fluid can also evaporate and lead to damage, so keep an eye on it and get your mechanic to check it during your regular maintenance checkup. And don’t forget to store jumper cables in your vehicle just in case.


The coolant plays an important role in preventing your engine from overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter. But the coolant can become contaminated or leak, which can impact its ability to protect the engine. Monitor the temperature gauge, top up the levels, and talk to your mechanic about having the coolant flushed and replaced.


Oil is equally as important as the coolant for keeping your engine running smoothly. It lubricates everything to minimize friction and heat. So don’t ignore that light when it starts blinking. If you plan on going on any road trips this summer, make sure you follow your manufacturer’s recommendations on when to change the oil.

Get your AC Examined

There’s nothing worse than being stranded in a vehicle without AC during the summer months. To avoid this and stay cool, get your mechanic to take a look at your AC system during your summer tune-up. If they spot any minor issues early, it can prevent you from having a costly replacement and uncomfortable driving experience. 

Bring your vehicle into Kanata Mazda to get it fully prepped and ready to take on any summertime weather conditions safely and comfortably.