The Mazda RX-9 Could be Unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show

My, how things can change quickly.

Last year, we visited Tokyo to get a glimpse of the RX-Vision, a concept that was said to inspire the next Mazda RX sports car. On the same trip, an engineer said to us that despite the unveiling of the concept car, a sports coupe powered by a rotary engine wasn’t even close to seeing the light of day.

How much time did this engineer need? Who knows, what’s important to know here is that the development of such a car is still ongoing. In fact, a Japanese website called Holiday Auto unveiled yesterday some information they say comes from a credible source within the halls of Mazda itself. A new sports car is said to be in preparation, which would be none other than the RX-9…

The website goes even further, stating that the car would benefit from a 400-horsepower engine, boast a curb weight of less than 1300 kg (2866 lbs.) and cost in the vicinity of $70,000.

If these numbers are real, the Mazda RX-9 would not only be a serious track car, but also one of the most expensive vehicles to come from Japan.

Holiday Auto also mentioned that Mazda should be announcing the car at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show. We shall see.